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“After multiple lenders and being declined, I never thought it was possible.  I so appreciate all of your hard work.  When I felt like I was ready to give up, you were a huge help.  I did not think that I would receive my dream of home ownership.  Thank you and God bless ASAP Realty.”

 “My friend referred me to your company.  As a self employed painter I didn’t know how likely my chances were to own my own home.  You really went above and beyond for us and we really appreciate it.  Thanks for your patience and working around our schedule and helping make owning a home a reality. So glad I made the call.”

“Since we are still young and inexperienced, it was scary for us to make such a big purchase.  We really didn’t know anything.  Thank you for making it so easy for us.  We love our new home and really appreciate the time and research you did for us. We thank you for answering all of our questions accurately.”

“Trying to find a house and move my family across the country felt like quite a feat.  We did it!  Thanks for a great experience.  It was a delight to work with you.”

“Even though my sister bought a house from you, I was hesitant.  My credit was not great from my divorce but you assured me that with a little work, it was possible.  Your customer service skills are exceptional.  My home is beautiful and you exceeded my expectations.  Thank you so much.”

“Everything was exactly the way you had explained it. I am so glad I called off of the brochure. I had thrown away so many copies; I wish I had called sooner. Thank you ASAP Realty for helping me get into my home and out of that horrible apartment.”